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  1. Thanks so much, @PinkElephant! I did try this and let it run for a very long time. It did not seem to resolve the problem. It's so inconsistent I'm not sure what to think happened. I wonder if it's worth putting in a ticket with an example? I can see the images in the browser version, just not on my laptop. Can I ask, you said "legacy Mac client." What did you mean by that? Maybe I have missed an update or is the client going away?
  2. Going back through my history of notes, I notice that many images are missing from my notes, especially where I captured an article online or a web page. These images are still present when I look at my account online in the browser. Of course I keep clicking the sync button, but it only spins for a few seconds and then thinks it's done. I have all my notes, going back to 2012. But like I said images are missing from many of them. It's inconsistent, so it's not all of them. And I'm not sure when this started. I did recently update, but not sure if it's related. Is there some way to force-sync a single note or something? Can anyone help? Thanks!
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