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Petition: Full Website Screenshot

Mariano Tello


Hi guys. I know that since many past upgrades the full website screenshot was discontinued because Apple changed the way apps interact. But it's a really useful feature that other apps do like snagit and ember (So if they can, why can't you?).  I was tempted to buy Ember but it really affects my workflow so i'm still sticking to Skitch.


If you have this feature in any To-Do list for future updates, don't discard it.



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This would be great.

I currently use this workflow on mac:

  1. Make a full page screenshot with Awesome Screenshot extension for Safari
  2. Save the screenshot to hard disk
  3. Right click and "Add to Evernote"
  4. Edit / annotate.


It is also possible to annotate in the Awesome Screenshot and import a ready picture to Evernote but it does not allow future changes to annotations.

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Who says they aren't listening? They've said a number of times that they read the forum but don't respond to every thread.

This thread is hardly setting the world alight with half a dozen posts in 100+ days.

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