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  1. I'm migrating to Onenote as i'm typing this message. I'm also frustated with this cost vs benefit tier they have reached with the new prices scheme. As there is no way for presentation mode in mobile devices, no new kinks or stuff, a 5 seconds refreshing (or note blinking) for me that hasn't been solved in 4 months.. I just canceled my plan and installed the Onenote migration tool. Here is the link: https://www.onenote.com/import-evernote-to-onenote I'm note sure if Onenote is the best option, but after 5 years of using Evernote I have seen how their main focus is now money and not client's input.
  2. Really disappointed for this decision. As time goes by Evernote is lacking many things that were supposed to be "on the development road" years ago. So far we still have very simple tables, with no way to play around with them. Images in presentation mode still don't scale to fit the note and we have to scroll down. Now we don't have presentation mode in mobile devices. Evernote version 8 is neat in design, but it's more like a "keep up" with Bear App, which is gaining a lot of traction. I now Evernote staff reads all this, but so far i'm not sure they take notes or implement any of these suggestions. I really feel it's their app and their rules, and that's just that.
  3. Hi, I came from the future, and this is still a thing. Big images don't scale and you still have to scroll down.
  4. Well I'll be damned! It's true, I'm using Blur to block pixels and trackers in Safari, and also can't make work web clipper. But as soon I disabled it it began working again. But to be honest, even though I love web clipper, I love more my privacy.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm having issues while scanning my ID Card, as it is sorted out as business card. I understand it resembles more a business card than a document, but I can't figure out in scannable how to force it to be a document. It would be nice if there could be an option to change the business card to plain document (I'm not aware if this exists already, but I couldn't find it anywhere). Thanks
  6. Thanks, That's a good workaround. It requieres more work though, but the idea of controlling it from the TOC table is useful for me.
  7. Hello everyone!! I find really useful de presentation mode in Evernote, but most of the time I present more than one slide. Normally the order which slides are arranged is by modification order (which most of the times isn't useful). The only workaround i have found is to add reminders to the notes and then re-arrenge them in the desired order, select them and present them. Does anyone knows another workaround for this?
  8. Hi Rando. Which version and platform are you using? When I click with the right mouse button in the notebook, the last option in the menu is export. I'm attaching a picture for reference.
  9. Exactly! It was one of the reasons I bought Skitch (when it wasn't part of Evernote long ago).
  10. Hi guys. I know that since many past upgrades the full website screenshot was discontinued because Apple changed the way apps interact. But it's a really useful feature that other apps do like snagit and ember (So if they can, why can't you?). I was tempted to buy Ember but it really affects my workflow so i'm still sticking to Skitch. If you have this feature in any To-Do list for future updates, don't discard it. Thanks
  11. Hi Dhimant. You don't need to be a premium user for using skitch. Premium allows mostly to get higher sync quotes and pdf scanning of text, but you can use all of evernote products without being premium. Did you had a workflow or process in skitch that might use lots of data?
  12. Hola Nitlo. No estoy seguro sobre cómo funciona Mister-Wong. Si es a través de página web, tal vez el web clipping de Evernote te ayude a capturar la información y pasarla a tus libretas. Aún a pesar de lo que se guarda es una fotografía recuerda que el Evernote Premium te permite escanear las imágenes y poder indexar el texto que aparece para que lo puedas buscar cuando lo necesites. Te dejo la liga de Web Clipping: http://evernote.com/webclipper/
  13. Ok, this is weird. I just ditched my pogo sketch pen and began using my finger as it was the pen (also laying my hand down in the screen) and it worked perfectly. No words disappeared.... So I'm assuming the pen is the faulty one
  14. Hello everyone, I just downloaded Penultimate to try it on, but i'm not understanding how wrist protection works. I lay down my hand in the screen and start writing, but a lot of my letters suddenly disappear of screen after writing them. I noticed that straight lines (like letters i, t) stay, but rounded ones (almost all the alphabet) disappear after being written. What am I doing wrong??
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