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Audio Notes are taking up space on phone



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Unexpectedly complicated question..  notes aren't actually downloaded to or stored on a mobile device unless they're specifically selected for 'offline searching'.  They're synced to Evernote's servers for permanent storage.  Check to see if your audio notes are available via a desktop browser and Evernote.com - log in here:  https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.action


If your notes have been uploaded to the servers,  you shouldn't need to worry about them on the mobile device.  (Don't ever delete the notes on your mobile or the deletion will be synced back to Evernote.)   -Unless there's another copy of the audio files somewhere.  If so,  they can be deleted.  


In future you may prefer to record audio to MP3 using an external app,  and save the resulting files to DropBox or something similar.  Put a link to the file in your Evernote notes,  and you can play the content wherever you are.


For existing notes - via the desktop app - I'd suggest exporting the audio file from Evernote,  storage on an external drive,  or DropBox,  and replacement with a link.

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