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Please allow me to hide, close, or totally get rid of this. Right now "Chat" has prioritized landscape over my search bar when I minimize the window. I'm not going to use it when it is expanded, and I'm not going to use it when the window is shrunk, I'm just never going to use it.


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Good luck with that, JC. The folks at Evernote have decided that they want us to use the new Work Chat, so as far as I can tell, you can't remove the "new chat" button from the screen. You CAN however, elect not to show it in the sidebar (thankfully) by choosing VIEW and then SIDEBAR OPTIONS from your menu bar. 


Interestingly, Evernote seems to be in love with and focused on promoting a new feature (work chat) that seemingly very few people on these forums want or have a use for. Meanwhile, key functions are still missing, key functions have been *removed* and improvements to existing functions aren't happening.


For example: 


  • The ability to create a public link for a notebook is now gone (unless someone knows something I don't).
  • There is no option to share a notebook with a client or vendor who isn't an Evernote user.
  • There is no option to share an editable note with a person who isn't an Evernote user. They can see the note as an image but they can't do anything else unless they sign up for an Evernote user account. 
  • There is no option to set a business notebook as a default notebook. 
  • The new desktop interface is hard on the eyes and virtually unreadable (grey text on grey background)
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