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  1. WELL OF COURSE it's working now... LOL
  2. I created an Evernote note with information in it that I want to share with anyone who has the public link. Easy enough right? Except that when someone uses the link, the note doesn't load anything more than the title. The actual note content is missing. It's all white. See screenshot attached. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks!
  3. I have three separate tagging issues that I hope someone smarter than I can help me with. Issue #1. CAN'T CREATE NEW BUSINESS TAGS Am I loonytoons or is it impossible to create a new BUSINESS tag? I can't find out how to do it. When I am on the Mac desktop client I click into the TAGS section in the left pane, and I can view all my tags in the big window. When I select "Business Tags" from the upper right drop down menu, it shows all my current business tags. When I click on the little + sign that says "New Tag" I can create a new tag but it will NOT be a BUSINESS tag. It defaults to a personal tag. I thought perhaps I needed to do it through the web client ADMIN CONSOLE but that area only allows me to RENAME or DELETE existing business tags. Issue #2: WHEN I DELETE BUSINESS TAGS, MY TAG DROP-DOWN / AUTO-COMPLETE STILL SHOWS THEM I just deleted a few unnecessary tags using the web client admin console. Sweet. So easy. Yet when I go back to my Evernote (for Mac) desktop, and I try to tag a note, I see that all three of those deleted tags are still in the drop-down menu. No matter how many times I hit refresh, they still show up. << UPDATE -- this challenge seems to have resolved itself. The sync / refresh just takes a lot longer than I had expected. Fingers crossed that it's all good now. >> Issue #3: I CAN'T TELL TAGS APART For the life of me, I can't tell a personal tag from a business tag. It feels like that is an important thing and when I look at my entire tags list, and I toggle between "Business Tags", "My Tags" and "All Tags" I can see the list shifting, but I have no way of telling how many total tags I have for each category or what is changing every time I toggle. Once again these three challenges prove that Evernote's interface consistently makes me feel technologically inept which I am not in any other way except with this application. ((sigh)) Appreciate any insights you can offer. Thanks in advance! Like This QuoteMultiQuoteEdit
  4. I just installed the newest version (6.2) and I don't see any changes in tags. Can you elaborate please as to how I'd see these tag changes? Thanks!
  5. Oh my gosh I didn't even see that icon! Thank you. I have to say that I REALLY miss having color as a visual cue in Evernote. I also miss the square textural notebook icons I used to have on my Macbook desktop client. The ability to only view notebooks as a LIST is such a bummer and not helpful for those who are visual processors, (the majority of people are). Flattening out the design and removing the color has been a terrible change for many users, as I have noticed reading these forums. EN has become frustrating of late so thanks for listening.
  6. I keep thinking that I am overlooking something because I can't tell the difference between a BUSINESS note and a PERSONAL note while in my ALL NOTES list. When I am INSIDE a note, I have no way of knowing whether it's a business note or a personal one. Even looking at the notebook name in the upper left corner of the note doesn't help because the notebook icons are now identical. Is there an option somewhere under "View" or something that might help me differentiate? I must be missing something. Do I now have to go back and change all my notebook names to "BUSINESS: XYZ Name" and "PERSONAL: 123 Name" in order to keep them straight?
  7. November 2015 and I'm still confounded by note and notebook sharing. I use EN Premium, so I should have all the capabilities possible, right? Here is my sharing experience as of today: Example #1: I shared a BUSINESS NOTEBOOK with a NON-Evernote email address that I own, just to test its behavior. I received the email at my other account and opened it. It has a green button that says "CLICK TO ACCEPT INVITATION" and it takes me to a page where my only option is to create an Evernote account. I can't view the notebook or even see the title of the notebook. Example #2: I tried sharing a SINGLE BUSINESS NOTE with that same email address (remember that I don't have an Evernote account associated with this email address). The subject line is "You have a chat waiting in Evernote!" which sounds like a total click bait spam (which is probably why my email keeps sending Evernote emails to the spam folder). But anyway... so the email subject is "You have a chat waiting in Evernote" and when I open it, the text is "People want to chat with you!" Click the green button to join in!" SERIOUSLY? Is that the best language we can come up with for a business tool? "People want to chat with you?" Are we online dating now? First of all, I do NOT want to chat with the person I'm sharing a note with. I just want them to see and maybe even edit the note. Why is Evernote so hell-bent on thrusting the concept of CHAT down our throats and misleading those who receive emails? If I got an email that said "People want to chat with you" I would think it was a phishing attempt and delete it. Secondly, when I click on the big green button in the email, AGAIN I am taken to a window where I'm forced to create an Evernote account. So essentially it appears Evernote has made it impossible to share information outside of its platform. Am I correct? If so, sharing is now nearly useless because I can't very well expect my clients and colleagues to create an Evernote account for MY convenience. I would rather just email them whatever I want to share or put it on another sharing platform like Google Drive. Again, I am open to being told I'm wrong and I really HOPE I am wrong.
  8. I believe the EN developers have been too concerned with how EN LOOKS rather than how it functions. The concept of WORK is very specialized to each person. Some of us want at-a-glance buttons we can find easily. Myself, I DETEST hidden functionality that requires extra steps to access in ANY software program or app. There are others who are distracted by buttons and whatnot. So great! Make it customizable so the user gets to decide how much or how little is sitting in their view. Bottom line is twofold: 1. You can NOT ignore function when designing a TOOL. If you're mostly concerned with aesthetics, you should be designing a piece of art that one will simply look at. When designing a TOOL of any sort, FORM MUST FOLLOW FUNCTION. This is more and more being lost on the EN development team. 2. You can NOT decide for your users what they *should* want to do or how they *should* use your tool. If they can't use it in a way that supports their own work style, they will abandon it. Sometimes I wonder if the dev team even uses the product themselves, from some of the silly changes they've made recently. The potential is SO great, too bad the execution is ridiculous in many places.
  9. When I open Evernote on my Mac laptop, and select EVERNOTE > ABOUT it says I'm on 6.1.1 (452253 Direct) I realize now that I don't have "Update to beta versions when available" checked in my preferences because frankly I don't trust Evernote in beta version not to lose all my data. That explains why my view won't change. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. I tried switching the preferences but nothing changed in my view unfortunately. Sad faced me.
  11. Please tell me when you find out. Endless scrolling to find a notebook? REALLY? How 1998 of you, Evernote. Evernote now looks like a Windoze file directory tree. Gaaaah. Awful. For those whose learning / processing style is visual which is the majority of the population, ICONS are a helpful guide. LISTS are very secondarily useful. Yet, Evernote seems to have eliminated the "notebook" graphic and the ability to drag and drop notebook icons into a stack. Again, one more reason so many users seem to be questioning the validity of the program. It seems that the designers and developers don't actually use the product. If they did, they might understand why so many seem frustrated with non-intuitive changes like these.
  12. I notice since the newest update that my notebook view is list only. No more square icons and stacks? I have looked and looked and can't find a way to view the notebooks the way they used to look. The list view is not very helpful to a visually-oriented, creative person. Is there a way to get back to the old view? I see that NOTES you can still do card view with, so I hope that won't go away too. Thanks.
  13. Is there any word on making presentation mode usable?? I find I'm unable to use Evernote in Presentation mode in any kind of meaningful way in spite of fanboys and fangirls on the inter-webs singing its praises. It makes me wonder what kind of presentations they're doing. The note title is impossible to remove, if you leave it empty, it shows "UNTITLED" on your slide! Also, you can't control your fonts and you are unable to arrow through a presentation without scrolling. As a speaker, I find that Evernote is IMPOSSIBLE to use in place of Keynote or Powerpoint. ((sigh))
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