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(Archived) Useful Utility for splitting HTML exports

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This isn't something developed by Evernote, nor endorsed officially by Evernote Corporation - I'm just pointing out as something that me, an Evernote user, has found to be extremely neat and helpful as a complementary product to Evernote.


HTML Splitter is a freeware Windows utility that will take a big HTML file and split it into smaller HTML files (with an index.)

If you create an Evernote notebook, and then decide to export it to .html, it will come out into one, big, merged HTML file. Well, great. But say you want to publish it to a website? That's one huge page. Use this program and it will actually split it by *note*.

Have a Recipe notebook, like I do? Export that, and then split it out - one recipe per page, with a ToC. Pretty neat.

Anyway, just thought I'd share what has turned out to be a ridiculously useful program.

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