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Why can't I update my Evernote (Mac version)?



I am a Premium Evernote user. When I open Evernote there is a window that pops up that says there is a new version available would I like to update?? Yes. That would be nice. But every single time there is an error. Every time. I can't remember the last time that I was able to update successfully. I am sure that I have but it's been a long time it seems. I have 5.6.0 Beta 6. What's going on? Is it my Evernote? My Mac? I am running Yosemite. I am very frustrated. Thank you for any help, Judy

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Here are my recommendations dealing with this problem:



2. Make sure you have a backup of your data (Enex export and Time Machine).


3. Download the lastest version (6.0.2) from the Evernote site!


4. And for a secure removal and re-installation read this.


5. Alternatively, you can perform the secure removal and try to install the App Store version but I do not recommend it, it has bugs.


6. Good Luck!
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