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Somehow I deleted the content of an entire notebook... can it be retreived?

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If you have deleted and synced the changes from your Android to Evernote's web servers,  it may be difficult to recover anything.  Your options are:

  • stop the Android from syncing this change,  and find the notebook in Evernote Web or on another device.  Copy the notebook to safety and then sync everything.
  • check the Trash notebook on the device from which the notebook was deleted - the notes may be there;  recreate the notebook and restore the notes
  • restore the notebook from a local backup of your database

Deleted notebooks/ notes aren't retained in the note history backups,  so there's no option to recover your notes from there.

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I didn't intentionally delete and sync these notes. 

The deletion happened without even realizing it!


I am only able to locate "trash" for Evernote on my computer...I've tried and can't locate it on my android to see if it's even there?

Can you explain where it is so that I can look?


I'm not holding my breath...I'll just have to recreate my work from the last 9 weeks! OY!


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Hmmn.  Good question - Android seems to have acquired the ability to delete notebooks but (still) doesn't have a Trash notebook.  It's certainly worrying that you can 'accidentally' lose a notebook - I'd suggest you try to work out what might have happened,  if only to avoid doing it again!

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