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Plz allow us to go back to the old Evernote -- new version stinks.



Your update isn't an update. It's a downgrade, and I won't use it. It kills my eyes with the stupid color scheme and the UI is no longer intuitive at all. I want to switch back or I'm gone. By the way, fire whoever is responsible for the stupid UI -- what were they thinking.  Like Yosemite?  Nope... Yosemite is usable -- your update isn't. 

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I have to agree. Part of ergonomics is drawing the eye and creating separation between different zones/frames/areas. The new UI is an almost uniform grey. You have to concentrate to figure out where the different frames are. This detracts from the overall usability of the interface and slows down work flow. 


I don't say you need to go back to the old UI but the next version should include more contrast between the different areas.

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