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  1. Love the improvements! I can no longer see my notes and the new screen is burning my retinas -- who would have thought that a silver folder on a bright white screen with no folder definition would be a bad idea for clarity? I also really appreciate the UI color scheme options that I have in case I didn't care for your 'retina burning' default. Great beta testing too! I love to pay for a premium subscription and not have access to my notes that I depend on due to bugs. Your Soviet-era retro Customer service has been very helpful in not answering my emails too! Good feeling all around.
  2. Well, I think a good compromise might be to have different options available -- the designers should have considered this before releasing.
  3. The new design is so horrendous that I no longer wish to use your service (at least not as a premium subscriber anymore.) I don't need to tell you what everyone else has said, but the UI is hard to see and there isn't any clear definition for the folders as contrasted against the white background. You can't just change the color scheme and say 'it's Yosemite-esque.' It needs to work. I also am having bugs like mad -- ie. I can't see my notes now. I'm really pissed. You all should have tested this more thoroughly before wasting my time.
  4. Hi, I upgraded and now Evernote loads my database just fine -- notebooks and hierarchy show up fine but the notes no longer seem to contain any contents -- all blank. I've replicated this on an iMac and a macbook. If I restart a couple of times, the notes will appear, but as soon as I click on it, it goes blank again. I really don't see how this company released this pos update. I'm ready to throw in the towel...
  5. My notes were working great till this update. I opened up the NEW Evernote for the second time and now I no longer see the notes -- I have my folders and the thumbnails, but the content seems to have disappeared! This is unacceptable, and I expect a greater level of testing before you inflict your customer base with something so bad as this new version. I'm thinking of seriously ditching your whole platform.
  6. Your update isn't an update. It's a downgrade, and I won't use it. It kills my eyes with the stupid color scheme and the UI is no longer intuitive at all. I want to switch back or I'm gone. By the way, fire whoever is responsible for the stupid UI -- what were they thinking. Like Yosemite? Nope... Yosemite is usable -- your update isn't.
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