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(Archived) Bug with Ink Note


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Gotta say am really impressed with the dev cycle of this app. You guys churning out releases making it better each time. Very impressive.

I think I've found a wee bug with Ink Notes. Looks like the same bug in 1.1B10 & 1.1B11.

1. Created an ink note on the windows evernote client.

2. Sync note

3. Retrieve "Recent notes" on the android client.

4. Can see thumbnail on the ink note created in 1

5. Select thumbnail, get a screen with a "Download ink" hyperlink

6. open link & get an error "No activity found to handle event {act=android.intent.action.VIEW ........" etc etc

Maybe someone else can try to see if its a repeatable error, & not something specific to my environment.



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It's not something specific to your environment. It is because you don't have the 3rd party software to open ink note type of file. I have the same error message if I want to open execl file type since I don't have office in my android. BTW, I don't think anyone other application supports Ink note except Evernote window client.

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