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Outlook Calendar

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I've used Outlook and Evernote a lot. To the best of my knowledge it can't be done. There may be some special piece of software out there that will do it, but I don't know about it.


However, recognize that Evernote was not designed to be a good calendaring app. If you use an iOS smartphone or tablet, there is a better way to go. Sync your smartphone / tablet to iTunes on your Windows computer. (I assume that is the platform you are using Outlook on.) Change the settings in iTunes to have your smartphone / tablet sync with Outlook.


There may be similar software for Android smartphones / tablets.

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Late to the party here,  but in case it helps - Sunrise Calendar is one option - 


It seems unlikely that Evernote will ever get around to including a calendar as part of the main app.  They aren't normally talkative about features in development anyway.
However.  Sunrise Calendar is a browser add-in and iOS/ Android app that links to one or more Google calendar(s) and also displays Evernote reminders.
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