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All Notes Vanish After Opening Note in New Window



Evernote 6.0 on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.1


6.0 was working fine for me for a few days. Then I double-clicked to open a note in a new window. Result ... DISASTER.


-- The window was empty and marked "Untitled" instead of the name of the note I opened.

-- The note I HAD opened was renamed "Untitled" also.

-- The contents of ALL NOTES has now vanished from the main evernote view .. all of them .. all notebooks.


Restarting Evernote doesn't fix this. Nothing I do can restore the notes data. The note part (right hand window) remains totally blank, just showing the created and updated dates and then nothing.


Fortunately my iPad shows the notes are still intact, so the note data is still there .. but Evernote on my Mac apparently cannot display it.


Any ideas?






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This has been discussed already...it's a HUGE bug in the app store version of EN 6.0


There are several solutions listed in an earlier thread. 


The only "real" soution at this point is to uninstall EN app store version and install EN 6.0.1 from evernote.com.


This is a real PIA...

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