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  1. Hmmm....now that I am running the EN web version, the App Store still shows EN installed. Will my mac update with the app store version when a new verion comes out? ( I have auto-update enabled) If so, will this cause problems with the homebrew EN currently installed? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, I followed your suggestions to uninstall the App Store Version and switch to the EN homebrew version.
  3. Look a little further down in the forum. The 6.0 App Store version is a disaster. I had the same problem, I finally broke down and installed the version from Evernote directly. 6.0.1 seems to fix the problem.
  4. For what it is worth, I like the "color" scheme. I just can't use it because 6.0 is so broke.
  5. It depends on the size of your database I guess. And did you try V6.0.1? I dont want to go through a full uninstall of the App Store version and reinstall. Also, a lot of my notes are local, I don't want to export / import and take a chance on something getting borked. Waiting for 6.0.1 on app store (or indexing in a day or two).
  6. Several DAYS for indexing???? Anyway.... I have restarted twice...notes come back, then disapear shortly thereafter.
  7. If this was the app store versin 6.0, it has serious issues. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/76988-resolved-open-note-and-see-nothing-after-update-and-migration/ 6.0: 1- changes title to "Untitled" 2- won't show notes in Note view.
  8. A fix "seems" to exist in 6.0.1, unfortunately, EN must wait on Apple to propigate.
  9. This is a known bug in 6.0. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/76988-resolved-open-note-and-see-nothing-after-update-and-migration/ A true "fix" would be to completely uninstall the app store version and install 6.0.1 from the EN site. Otherwise, wait for the next version. Mine is completely unusable on the Mac.
  10. Did you install V6.0.1 directly from the Evernote site? V6.0 seems to have problems and a re-install of the same version would'nt help. No, I didn't install the EN site version 6.0. I am waiting for the fix in 6.0.1 app store. Unfortunately, a lost of my notes are Local only, so those notes are completely unaccessible until the fix. Why would EN release 6.0 if they knew there were such issues with it?
  11. This has been discussed already...it's a HUGE bug in the app store version of EN 6.0 There are several solutions listed in an earlier thread. The only "real" soution at this point is to uninstall EN app store version and install EN 6.0.1 from evernote.com. This is a real PIA...
  12. Same problem here. Some real issues in version 6.0 - app store. I have rebooted, closed and re-opened. quit and re-opened. It started a few hours ago, then cleared up. Now it is doing it again. A real problem.
  13. Let me just say, the backpacks are "cute"....well, sorta... I don't think EN can conitue to expand in this environment without encryption. Google, Apple, Yahoo, and others are adding encryption services in light of new revalations and hacking attempts. Evernote will have to, also.
  14. Evernote IS the best at what it does. Nothing else comes close...trust me, I have searched. Third party app integration is excellent. Sync works great. It's available for almost every platform. So instead of waiting on the encryption, I have started using Local Notebooks more...and not sending docs to EN via File This Fetch. (Use the Mac instead.) Still hoping...
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