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(Archived) Evernote for Android 1.1B10

Philip Constantinou

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I'm using B10 and its seems very stable and nice.

Just had this problem:

After opening a note, and while waiting for the note to load I did something - think that I pressed the back or the home button, and now I only get a blank screen everytime I try to open that note (only that one) and when I try to edit the note I get: "java.io.FileNotFoundException: /sdcard/Evernote/notes/........../content.enml"

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I've been using the beta version of Evernote on my new Motorala Droid phone and I love it, but I've noticed a small problem. After I uploaded a text note, I went to edit it. The editing works, because the thumbnail in the android app shows the edits, and checking online shows the edits, but if I log back into the note on the android application, it's as if the edits never happened. I don't know if that needs further explaining, but that's something I've encountered.

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