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Out of capacity

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I mainly use Evernote to clip articles from websites, with no problem from 2010-2013. But in the last year or so I keep running out of upload capacity faster and faster. I still mainly clip from websites and even less compared to 2011-2013. Is there any way to see my remaining capacity? Because this doesn't feel right …

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You don't say what computer you are on OS


Help ->  Go to my Account Page


will take you to your account on the website and will show you how much you have used and how much you have left


Obviously you must be on a free version. I have had premium for over 2 years and have never ran out of capacity and I am a heavy user. So if your clipping rate hasn't changed then the pages you are visiting and clipping has -- all those pictures might be very heavy loads PNGs as apposed to Jpgs

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