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Day Trader Looking for More Efficient Tracking System

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I trade the Forex market and I track my trades by keeping an Excel file and also by taking a screenshot of each trade.  Unfortunately, this means I have the information in two separate places.  I have the general trade notes (i.e. Time, Price at open and close of trade, Profit or Loss, Notes about the trade, & some other fields) in Excel, but then the screenshots that show the chart candles are not right there with the notes.  It makes reviewing the trades a disjointed process.


Is there a way in Evernote to have a screenshot of the trade side by side with the info I currently type into Excel?


Thanks for the help!



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I have a "template form" Note in Evernote that I use as my Trade Log.

I create (copy) a new TL each day, and record everything I do in it, including screen shots.  But I use ScanIT for the screen shots.

  • Notes about securities of interest on that day
  • Selected parts of relevant text from related articles posted by others
  • Screen shots of charts
  • Actual Trades
  • Table with securities of interest, along with Targets for buy/sell

I also have an Excel file for Summary P/L, where I record data when I sell.


The Excel file is small enough in display size that I can keep it open at the same time as my Evernote Trade Log.


Works well for me.


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