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  1. I trade the Forex market and I track my trades by keeping an Excel file and also by taking a screenshot of each trade. Unfortunately, this means I have the information in two separate places. I have the general trade notes (i.e. Time, Price at open and close of trade, Profit or Loss, Notes about the trade, & some other fields) in Excel, but then the screenshots that show the chart candles are not right there with the notes. It makes reviewing the trades a disjointed process. Is there a way in Evernote to have a screenshot of the trade side by side with the info I currently type into Excel? Thanks for the help!
  2. This option doesn't seem to be available in Evernote for the web beta version. When I right click the notebook, it just acts like any other web page (i.e. options include 'back', 'share', etc.). I was able to move the notebook easily in the android app, so no biggie, but just wondering if I'm doing something wrong on the web - or if the beta version doesn't offer this yet. Thanks!
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