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Thanks Evernote

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These days we tend to complain more than we say thanks.

Just a quick thanks to the Evernote team for their great work on Ver 6 on MacOS and also yesterday's note regarding the changes/fixes to PenUltimate. I have been using Evernote for school/work purposes since 2010's and I have a lot of important content - It is appreciated that the company cares so much about it's users and their experience and the precious content!


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You're completely mad...they've screwed us all releasing this POS!!!


Comment of the year. Don't you love the drama?!


Not really - I have deadlines and trying to figure out how to get back to the previous version is something I don't have time for....

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I think instead of saying stuff just say what's your beef so the folks at Evernote can fix it!


I think ver 6 on MacOSX is an improvement to the bloated and ever-crashing 5.X - the interface being too bright or too dark is not a fair criticism. The software seems to be more stable, search works well, and adding notes that re-classifying them in notebooks all seems to work much better now.


Anyhow - let us just voice our concerns to the Evernote Support/Dev team in a civilized way so that they can fix whatever the problem is  - we all have a lot of precious data in their system....

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