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  1. I think instead of saying stuff just say what's your beef so the folks at Evernote can fix it! I think ver 6 on MacOSX is an improvement to the bloated and ever-crashing 5.X - the interface being too bright or too dark is not a fair criticism. The software seems to be more stable, search works well, and adding notes that re-classifying them in notebooks all seems to work much better now. Anyhow - let us just voice our concerns to the Evernote Support/Dev team in a civilized way so that they can fix whatever the problem is - we all have a lot of precious data in their system....
  2. These days we tend to complain more than we say thanks. Just a quick thanks to the Evernote team for their great work on Ver 6 on MacOS and also yesterday's note regarding the changes/fixes to PenUltimate. I have been using Evernote for school/work purposes since 2010's and I have a lot of important content - It is appreciated that the company cares so much about it's users and their experience and the precious content! Thanks!
  3. I agree - I have Jot script too, got it when it came out - hardly use it - sucks, pen is offset on the screen and it is not usable! Much prefer a regular Jot pro (old-fashion plastic disc-attached to the metal ball-point), until this problem is fixed!
  4. I sent the following to the folks at Evernote - I think we in this thread are having a similar issue with settings being reset. If skitch was like Grab or a simple screen capture program - then fine, but because it is so much more, and does annotation, it stands to reason that some users are using it on a repeated, sequential manner, bringing content into evernote, so when doing repeated screen captures or screen selection captures, it does not make sense, to me at least, to have the application revert to a default size on the screen and to reset the zoom settings - especially if fit to window is selected.... Oh My! I just noticed, tool settings revert too with a new capture - such as selection highlight vs. draw with the marker - if one selected highlight, app is open and one is working, would be nice to stay on highlight as the sub-selected feature of the tool! -- Dear Evernote, Evernote+Skitch are way ahead of the competition for note-taking, outlining, and clipping info - the new OneNote's clipping and lack of an app like Skitch makes it really a non-starter for the productivity user. However, as part of Evernote staying on top, Skitch (either standalone or integrated) needs to be kept in top shape - so I have a suggestion/bug: as a stand alone app, I re-size the window and place it somewhere on my screen to do work, I also adjust the zoom (for example fit to screen option), great! then I clip another piece of screen, and now my app is re-sized and my zoom is reset - this should not happen for a stand alone app - at least when "fit in window" is selected, that setting should stay the way it is unless it is changed - does that not make sense - think about other productivity apps - once new content is brought in, the app should not re-size or re-shape window of the app right? please fix this. Thank you kindly!
  5. Thanks - sounds like not possible at this time unless all the linked documents are also shared. Best regards
  6. Hi folks, I know this topic has come up in some form previously - but not exactly in the form that I am asking (i.e. between Evernote users); also the discussions are from > 1 year ago and Evernote has been continuing to improve + new features. My question: When sharing a note, with an evernote user, if my note that I am sharing contains several "note links" to other documents, does that person automatically gain access to being able to view those note links that are contained in the document that I am sharing. case example: 1 document, 100 questions, each being answered by members of a study group, I am adding note links in order to avoid typing long answers, the note links point to an original source, say a PDF or excellent review article, that has highlighting from Clearly...I would like my colleagues that I am sharing the document with to be able to see my full resources and it's detailed contents. Thank you kindly
  7. Thank you kindly. Your response does clarify my question. I was wondering, would Evernote consider making highlighting a tool within the client as it is within Clearly? Given that it (i.e. Evernote) is such a good note taking tool as well, it stands to reason that one should be able to highlight portions of text as a tool as well, especially since a document may be imported into Evernote via Clearly, but then require further revision and/or additional highlighting, which is not accessible via the Browser/Clearly interface. I can see that I can easily take the note into Skitch for highlighting (it then becomes a duplicate PDF copy of the note) - however, this seems a rather in-direct way of addressing this. Thanks again
  8. Fair enough - you are absolutely right - the UI is the problem with Windows 8 not the OS! I hope they fix it with the next update. Thanks...
  9. Sorry buddy - nothing is visually pleasing on Windows. Trust me, I have both top of the line machines on the Mac and Windows 8 end - after using Windows 8 for 3 months, it is just rubbish and nothing works like it should. I think the OS (i.e. Windows 8) is fundamentally flawed....hopefully microsoft to fix it soon ; the OS is designed for a tablet and not a desktop
  10. The new Mac Os X desktop Evernote app is great. Noted the addition of highlighting - but the tool does not stay "on"/clicked to facilitate additional highlighting like it does in Clearly. I noted this once I moved a note over using Clearly add-on to chrome, but it got filed to the wrong Notebook - when I went in to continue highlighting, I noted that the tool would not stay on. 2 feature requests if I may: 1) please make the highlight tool within the desktop client on Mac Os X stay clicked on 2) in clearly, allow filing directly to a notebook if possible. Thanks! Keep up the amazing work Evernote team!
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