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Transitioning from Download version to App Store version



Now that version 6 is in the App Store, I want to switch from my "download" vers. to the App Store's one, but I've read that the two types store the data in different locations. However, since everything's on the Evernote servers for syncing anyway, do I need to backup anything on my computer before making the switch? Can I just sweep my computer for anything EN related and trash it, download the App Store version, and then log in from that version? Are the notes even on my hard drive?

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Dave, my question is, why?


The Mac App Store version will ALWAYS be behind the direct download ver.

If you trust Evernote, then I say go with the direct D/L.


Having said that, I would still wait a week before updating to see if there are any serious bugs in the new version.

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I like having as many of my application updates occur in one place. I don't really need the latest-and-greatest version, so being behind the dl version isn't a problem for me.  :)


Would my method listed above regarding deleting everything EN from my Mac before downloading the AS ver. and logging in be the correct one?

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