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  1. And in case it wasn't clear from the tags, this behavior occurs not only on my Mac (also running v6.11.1 on macOS 10.11.6) but in the iOS & web versions as well.
  2. The preferences window doesn't adjust its size when the "Note text" and "Note plain text" fields are changed to larger numbers. The Auto Format line is pushed off into the wild blue yonder so that it can't be read or checked/unchecked.
  3. I created a table in a note and then, after selecting all, I changed the font to Courier New size 18: However, when creating a new line in the table, either by tabbing or by right-clicking --> Tables --> Insert Row, the new row–whether it's inserted above or below–reverts to the choice of default Note Text font (under the Font tab of the Preferences window): The table should maintain the same font choice from row to row, right? The font also reverts when clicking outside of the table, despite having previously Selected All and changed the font to (in my case) Courier New.
  4. I like having as many of my application updates occur in one place. I don't really need the latest-and-greatest version, so being behind the dl version isn't a problem for me. Would my method listed above regarding deleting everything EN from my Mac before downloading the AS ver. and logging in be the correct one?
  5. Now that version 6 is in the App Store, I want to switch from my "download" vers. to the App Store's one, but I've read that the two types store the data in different locations. However, since everything's on the Evernote servers for syncing anyway, do I need to backup anything on my computer before making the switch? Can I just sweep my computer for anything EN related and trash it, download the App Store version, and then log in from that version? Are the notes even on my hard drive?
  6. Okay, thanks! When I do cross-over to the App Store one, is there a proper/safe procedure for deleting the Direct Download one and then installing from the App Store? I've seen numerous posts and articles online about doing the reverse, but none transitioning from DD to AS (at least, not one posted in the last 4 years).
  7. For the purpose of easier updates and for combining as many of my applications into the App Store fold, where I find it's easier to maintain the current versions, I'd like to switch back to the App Store "version." I apparently already downloaded the App Store one back in 2012, but I must be currently using the D.D. version, as the App Store shows INSTALL rather than UPDATE there. I'm currently running v.5.6.2 of EN, and the current version is 5.5.1 on the App Store (it hasn't been updated there since April??). What are the dangers, if any, of downgrading back to an earlier version? Should I wait until the App Store has caught up to the D.D. version number and forego the D.D. updates (just got the update-to-5.7.0 popup yesterday)?
  8. Although the Evernote menubar Helper seems to be working correctly with the Mac app (I can save notes to my Evernote account without the actual application being open, and those notes will sync to the application when it is opened), but the synchronization doesn't seem to extend to other devices unless the Mac app is opened first. I saved some notes with the Helper, but, when I logged into my Evernote account via the iOS app (on both an iPad 2 and iPhone 4), the notes didn't appear. After I went back to my iMac and opened the Evernote application there, the notes immediately showed up on both my iOS devices. So Helper notes seem to be syncing correctly to the Mac app, but not to other Evernote clients.
  9. Okay, after completely uninstalling Evernote, restarting my iMac, and then installing the application again from the App Store, the menubar Helper does appear to be working. I tried screenshotting as well as text, and both were synched to Evernote even though the application wasn't open. Thank you for your work on this!
  10. Unfortunately, I can't tell, as Evernote Helper no longer seems to load into the menubar....
  11. I'm also having this issue. Specific details can be find in my post (Evernote Helper's behavior--is this normal?). Also, the keystroke command ctrl-C doesn't work until you choose the corresponding icon from the E.Helper window the first time. Once you've taken a screen clip using the Helper's icon, the ctrl-C works.
  12. When I create a note using the Evernote Helper in the menubar, I get two results, depending on whether the Evernote application is open: If Evernote isn't open, the next time I open Evernote, the note I typed into Helper doesn't appear. If Evernote is open, the note I typed into Helper immediately appears in Evernote's window. Also, notes I previously made in Helper while Evernote wasn't open (#1) suddenly appear as well. I'm pretty sure this shouldn't happen, as it's kinda pointless to add notes and then not see them the next time you open Evernote--and the only way to see them is to create a new note in Helper while Evernote is still open. I'm running OS 10.7.5 on a desktop iMac; Evernote version is Version 5.0.7 (400993).
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