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  1. And in case it wasn't clear from the tags, this behavior occurs not only on my Mac (also running v6.11.1 on macOS 10.11.6) but in the iOS & web versions as well.
  2. The preferences window doesn't adjust its size when the "Note text" and "Note plain text" fields are changed to larger numbers. The Auto Format line is pushed off into the wild blue yonder so that it can't be read or checked/unchecked.
  3. I created a table in a note and then, after selecting all, I changed the font to Courier New size 18: However, when creating a new line in the table, either by tabbing or by right-clicking --> Tables --> Insert Row, the new row–whether it's inserted above or below–reverts to the choice of default Note Text font (under the Font tab of the Preferences window): The table should maintain the same font choice from row to row, right? The font also reverts when clicking outside of the table, despite having previously Selected All and changed the font to (in my case) Courier New.
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