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Web Beta Release Notes 11/19


Here's what went out with last night's release. 
  • New Beta Features 
    • Notebook filtering - Easily find the notebook your are looking for
    • Notebook sharing - Share and manage your notebooks shared using Work Chat
    • Work Chat features - See and manage users who are in a Work Chat with you
      • Delete a thread - Hide threads you no longer care about
      • Blocking a user - Stop a user from messaging you
  • Bug Fixes
    • ​Editing Errors - We'll notify you when your note has trouble getting saved 
  • Features for in future releases but but not limited to: 
    • Cannot create note links
    • Cannot reorder reminders
    • Cannot reorder shortcuts
    • Setting note location not enabled
    • Note history not accessible
    • Editor formatting missing the table adding button
    • No saved searches support yet
    • No shortcuts for joined notebooks/notes/tags - we will not be supporting them
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Nancy, you should pin this one, and unpin the old one. Thanks.

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I can not copy and paste things (recipes). I paste a recipe with 3+/-paragraphs and it pastes in 1 partial line. Thanks!


Hi Walkadoodle, 


Can you tell me how and where you are trying to paste?  If you are creating a new note be sure that you are editing the body of your note and not the title.  The title is the only thing that only allows 1 line.  How can you tell? 

  • Click "+" in the navigation bar to create a new note. 
  • You'll see 2 regions you can edit
    • The title - A green line of text that says "Title your note" 
    • The body - A grey line of text that says "Darg files here or just start typing..."
      • Click on this and you can paste an unlimited amount of text. 
      • Only the title has a limited space of 1 line. 

On another note, if you do find yourself copying and pasting recipes from websites into your Evernote, you might want to consider using our web clipper instead.  This is an extension you can add to your browser that allows you to easily "clip" web sites. It will save these clippings to your Evernote automatically in whatever format you choose. https://evernote.com/webclipper/


Hope this helped. 


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