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Drag folder to Evernote doesn't work



Dragging iMac folder doesn't work. When I click on the folder with the mouse, I can drag the folder to the location of Evernote, I see the green circle with +, but when I lift my finger of the mouse on the right position in Evernote, the folder is not in the right place. I only see a new screen with the folder and its content but it is not in Evernote. I have an iMac. Can you help me?



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Sorry for the slow response - Evernote doesn't have 'folders',  it only has notebooks.  If you're dragging a notebook from one location to another within Evernote you can only drop a notebook on top of another one to create a 'Stack' of notebooks,  or add a notebook to an existing stack.  If you're dragging a desktop folder onto Evernote,  it just doesn't work that way.  Are you trying to create a note for each file in that folder,  or one note containing all the files in that folder?

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