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An active thread appears to have been deleted...

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I was just viewing this thread and the suddenly started getting the "oops, can't find that thread" message. What happened? Here is the URL for the page I was viewing...

I mean literally, it was just deleted. I was viewing "new content", pulled up that thread & noticed it no longer showed up under new content a few seconds later. I back arrowed in my browser & found it. Did a reload & get the oops message.

The subject line was "I see in the news today November 4 that Evernote premium price may change".


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Searching the forum on the words news and today still shows this thread. (I have a screen cap I can post. I'm on my iPad right now & it's tedious to do from iPad but can post later from my PC). But, when you click on the links the search brings up, you get the oops message.

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