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(Archived) Rotate!!!



I don't see a way to rotate an image I've captured. I'm not asking for any kind of image editing just a simple rotate function and no, I really don't want to have to open it up in preview and rotate the image. (I just tried this and it's a real pain - drag into preview, rotate, save to a file, then copy, then paste back to evernote .... phew ....) I know it's just a matter of how to hold the iphone in relation to the image but sometimes we're so involved with snapping the image we forget.

I'm sure you could install one of those batch image programs like ImageMagick on the server and hey presto! This function seems like a glaring omission from otherwise excellent feature set. Well done chaps! but lets get a rotate function soon!



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Right-click on the image to Open it in your preferred image editor (or Preview). Then, you can edit it there any way you like. When you Save the image, the edits will go back into the note. Preview has surprisingly simple tools for cropping and rotating images, so this works for most people.

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