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  1. I've have a note that should be 8 or so pages long, it's the only really important document I need from Evernote (out of my 1300 or so other notes!) When I pulled up note, not accessed in a month or two I see that most of the note is missing, I have only about 1/2 a page of the multi page note now and the dreaded "Conflicting modification on" message at the bottom. My question is what happened? I don't see this note in a conflicting note notebook or anywhere on my system (I even did an egrep at the terminal level to try to find the missing text) and the only option I see is view history that appears to be a premium only feature?? I have to pay $50 to get my note back???? How can I get my note back and thank god I have a printer hard copy. Obviously some type of conflict happened, I have evernote on my MacBook Air and Mac Mini but not most of the note is gone. Make me very weary to use this on multiple machines in the future. I'm sure this is not just an Evernote thing, I've had bad experiences with Byword too and conflicting changes, gotta remember to close down the program when you finish using it. Even 1password too but at least Dropbox had some type of versioning system I could access and get my file back.
  2. Ok, thanks guys, knew you'd be on it. Cheers Vuvu
  3. Ok, this is very annoying. It appears that there is no longer a button in the toolbar for evernote and we have to use a bookmarklet ???? Very annoying as I have to lon in each time and seeing as ALL my password are generated by a supercomputer it's very annoying to have to type in &^$&%&%&^*&GHGJFHGFHFHF&RYRYY#$# every time I launch my browser (Admins, this is not really my password) So, help me get my back button or show me a way to easily get stuff from Safari to Evernote. (On a side note I do like the way the I can specify the notebook that the clipped page will go in and give it a tag, the button methods is so clunky and takes forever to do it's thing AND it take me away from the browser. Guy why not make is a service - take a look at Circus Ponies Notebook - makes it a lot easier to clip from the web) Not sure what the little Elephant does in the OSX menubar, I need to clip an entire webpage not just an area or the screen.
  4. I don't see a way to rotate an image I've captured. I'm not asking for any kind of image editing just a simple rotate function and no, I really don't want to have to open it up in preview and rotate the image. (I just tried this and it's a real pain - drag into preview, rotate, save to a file, then copy, then paste back to evernote .... phew ....) I know it's just a matter of how to hold the iphone in relation to the image but sometimes we're so involved with snapping the image we forget. I'm sure you could install one of those batch image programs like ImageMagick on the server and hey presto! This function seems like a glaring omission from otherwise excellent feature set. Well done chaps! but lets get a rotate function soon! Cheers Richard
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