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Searching on TAGs query - OR / AND





I want to do a search in Evernote for the following (in one saved search)












I know the AND search works by just doing "Tag:Now Tag:@Home"


This shows me all the things I need to do at 'Home' 'Now.  But I also want it to show notes that aren't tagged with anything.  This will prompt me to tag them for Now, Next, Soon etc.


At the moment I treat the -tag:* as an Inbox but I want it to appear in my Now criteria if it isn't tagged, as this is where I always look for my priorties and one of my priorities is to tag accordingly.


Any ideas?

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This cannot be done using the Evernote search language. Every search is either entirely and AND (the default) or an OR (using the "any:" term). There are ways of manufacturing mixed searches using wildcards (e.g. "foo tag:bar*", which will find all notes that contain the text "foo" and are tagged with a tag beginning with "bar"), but those are just special cases of the way that wildcarding works.

Details: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php

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