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Hi guys


I am studying at the moment and trying to be super succinct in my work.

I have just been asked to resubmit an assignment as it wasn't clear enough for a child with special needs.

Basically I am trying to do this:

Help a child with special needs - such as aspergus syndrome to use an application (like book creator) with NON VERBAL CUES.

I can make notes and press present but what I need to do is have some tool like adding pointers and highlighting areas to make it clearer.

I have just signed up to premium hoping it would help but I fear I may need to learn powerpoint skills instead.

I tried to use Camtasia with the help of a friend but I leaned so heavily on the help I don't think I feel confident recreating another presentation in Camtasia 2.


Any suggestions would be a big help - even if you tell me evernote won't be best for what I need to do.





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Megan, I don't see how Evernote will be of any help.  Evernote Presentation is a poor man's PowerPoint.

But neither really provide what I think you will need -- video, and actually interactive video.


Sorry I can't offer any specific suggestions, but a start might be to google "teaching aids special needs students"

This is not a new problem, so I would expect someone has developed some specific solutions for this problem.


Don't remember the specifics, but I remember seeing some examples of iPad apps developed for this purpose.


Good luck.

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It is possible that using Skitch with Evernote might do some of what you want. Skitch can add pointers and I think you can highlight text in Evernote, but I don't think Evernote does the morphing slide thing that Powerpoint does so you made need power point itself.


It would be helpful to see what exactly you are wanting to do. 


You might also look at: http://www.clarify-it.com/ which is designed to work with Evernote and is a way to show others how to do something. 

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