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Be careful. Notes are vanishing.

Evernote Progress

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I'm having the same problem. Ever since I've joined the beta, many of my newly created notes haven't been properly saving, even though I've made sure to hit the "Done" button once finished writing.


This is extremely frustrating and unacceptable. So much time and work can be (and has been) lost because of this bug.


I'm using Evernote in Chrome on Windows 7

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Using evernote for the first time.

I'm very disappointed with losing my notes.

Notes are vanishing, again and again.


I am using evernote web version in Windows 8.1 OS.


I suggest you Submit a BUG report via an EN Support Ticket. In the Support Form, select "Report a bug, crash, or data lost", and start the Ticket Title with "BUG:  " to make it clear.  Reporting a bug should be available to all users, including Free Account owners.

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