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(Archived) Killernote isolated



Over the weekend I filled my Evernote account with some paper stuff, invoices etc.

After I've finished, my Evernote Mac client showed some strange behavior:

- Whenever I tried to do a search within all notebooks, it didn't filter anything but still showed all notes. But it didn't highlight any text found.

- More serious, I wasn't able to reset the search.

- And I wasn't able to select any other notebook.

The effect is similar to what has been posted here.

The only way to revive Evernote was to restart the application

Took me a complete reinstall of Evernote on several Macs, a complete reload of the database from the Evernote server, trashing all preferences etc. - which all didn't help - until I found the culprit by isolating each note into a separate notebook and doing a search just within this notebook.

I had imported 7 invoices from T-Mobile Germany as PDFs, which I've downloaded from the web (not scanned), into Evernote. Whenever I do a search on a notebook, that contains one of these notes, Evernote enters this coma state.

Interestingly the IPhone and the webclient have not problems wit these PDFs. Didn't test on windows.

I can't post these invoices publicly, because they contain private data, but I can move them to a shared notebook and share it with Evernote support, so you can have a look into the structure of these PDFs.


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I can confirm, that todays beta of the Mac client Version 1.6.0 Beta 3 (65422) fixes the issues with my killernotes. ;)


Unfortunately the issue with the killernotes is back in 1.7.2. :-(

I'm wandering, whether this is just an issue with my system.

Please could anyone, who has an iPhone contract with German T-Mobile try to drag the online PDF invoice you download from your "Mein T-Mobile" account into Evernote, and then try to do a search within the notebook, you've created that note, or within all notebooks.

If you have the killernote problem, no search does work any more until you quit the Evernote client. To restore search functionality you have to delete the T-Mobile invoice PDF from your Evernote account.

@Dave: I've sent you an Enex with these PDFs initially. If you don't have them any more and want to investigate into this issue, I can send them again to support.


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