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(Archived) OT: Tag based File Management?

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Hi there,

I think one main advantage of Evernote when compared to OneNote is that I don't need to structure my data hierarchically (OneNote has Notebooks, sections, groups and so on).

I can just drop things into Evernote and tag them - in addition there's the great search function.

Now, I'd love it if Windows was a tag-based filesystem, you know? I hate the hierarchical file structure of directories and sub-directories. Is a video file "marketing" or "video" or both? Where do I drop it? I hate that. I have hundreds of text files with an overlapping set of purposes which makes it hard to sort things out statically. I would love to be able to create a view on the fly, based on tag sets and other search criteria (like searches and saved searches in evernote).

So, question:

is there a tag based, full-text-search enabled file management software out there which would let me drop files in one central directory only, accessing them through flexible views?

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I haven't tried either of these programs. But I did have their info saved in EN, in case I decided I wanted to try them. :lol:

http://lifehacker.com/270662/tag-and-or ... h-tag2find

http://lifehacker.com/5139101/taggedfro ... b-20-style

Since I prefer searching my hard drives by partial word/name matches instead of tags, I use Locate32. It's amazing.

http://lifehacker.com/397406/locate32-f ... d-reliably

If none of these satisfy you, I'd suggest searching Lifehacker site for "windows tags" & see what else you may find. It's a great site & many of their software recommendations are free. Plus, read through the comments on the articles. Often, people will comment about a particular software program mentioning one they like better.

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