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  1. aaargh, Dave! Of course, a saved search and the problem is basically solved...^^ thanks!
  2. Thanks for the quick help. Now, that is fascinating. I am not even aware where I actually configured my scanner to OCR images I scan in... but the PDF at hand has apparently been OCRd prior to importing into Evernote. For the search within Evernote, though, this does not actually make much of a difference (meaning: I could search words in that scanned in text) as long as there aren't any text bits in the images. If the OCR process does not start as soon as there is any searchable text in a PDF, the images within a PDF do not get OCRd and are basically lost to the otherwise great image text search of Evernote! I saved the syntax for PDF attachments in my how-to-search-evernote-note (^^), but in the windows client I can not find the PDF entry among the list of attributes...? it says: (contains) images audio notes ink encrypted text to do unchecked to do checked to do attachment (and this finds *any* attachments) in that list in the web client, I can see "PDF", in the windows client I can not. Either I can not find it (point me to it, pleeease) or it needs to be added.
  3. I have a few questions about this... (win client I have at least one (very old note with a ) pdf which should OCR under these conditions but it is not (judging from the grey maginifying icon). So, questions: - If a previous OCR run while being scanned is the reason for this: how can I check wether a pdf-file has been marked as searchable even though it contains only images? - How come something as basic as the "contains: pdf" entry is not there in the windows client, but only in the web client? Will this be added in the near future? - Is there search grammar to check for a filetype? This is not the same as mime is it? - To what would "save searchable" translate in the german localization in the windows client? I have not found a pdf file which offers this entry, but maybe the translation is different from what I expect... Finally, I would like to add that while I am a happy premium user and frequently recommend evernote in blog entries, I feel there is no need for any forum members to tell people in this thread to either get a refund or move on... The problems as well as the suggestions and points made were valid in my opinion. If you are happy and the problems in a given thread are not yours, maybe it's your turn to move on and read a different thread. Just my 2 cts.
  4. I would like to add 2 things: the very look of UI elements (not only what they do for the user and which functions they give access to and how quickly) is part of how well software works. People track eye movements just to find out if the user does actually use the software the way the engineers figured they would. Any UI element should afford its usage. A button must say "click me", handles of drag&drop elements should suggest grabbing that thing and pulling it around. In that way, yes, how well software looks is an integral part of how well it works. The new UI works like a charm. It is clear, minimal, quick and manages to stay out of the way. I love it. The side by side comparison clearly shows the problem of the iPhone UI. Eye candy which has me interpret images instead of offering all the options at a quick glance. I find it hard to read. That's just me maybe. Instead of adding shiny icons/graphics a slight accentuation of clickable areas would be nice (a little 3D gap which says: press this area!). The biggest letdown is the lack of tooltips an inline help. I want them everywhere. I want to maybe click/hold an area and learn how to use stuff by pointing at it. I want to be able to explore everyhthing instead of guessing. But that is rather for when beyond the home screen. Some of the stuff in there I did not even realize from the beginning, like the link back to the home screen. I thought it was just the logo.
  5. Question: is the image to screen size thingy still on the to-do list for one of the next versions?
  6. Auto complete of tags does work again - great. the client is uploading notes which I considered lost during my syncing problems which is strange - I mean, where do these come from, now?! Viewing whole image still not possible, though - hope this still on the to-do list. All in all: looking great so far!
  7. Thanks for your help Ah_Fan. for me, the notes I lost were all created as snapshots from the widget. Strangely, though, another note I created the same way yesterday synced alright. Haven't really grasped how to reliably reproduce it yet.
  8. Ok. I tried to email notes to myself which led to an exception. So I logged out and now i lost three notes with snapshots of bills I paid which sucketh big time.
  9. Well, I know the note count is different, because I can not sync the notes i created on the android client! That means I have to delete snapshots I took which I would really like to save before I dump the notes - is that possible? Also, for all of my notes, the android client told me the upload was complete or successful. I don't like to feel that the notes I take do not upload or have to be deleted eventually. Again, this looks like something that needs to get debugged a.s.a.p.
  10. Just did. Thanks so far and looking forward to hearing from you.
  11. okay, I did not see this thread before I added my problems to the thread with my zoom-out problems so I will add this now: latest public beta on an x10 mini pro, "Wi-Fi only" is NOT checked and while I am not a premium user yet, my quota is nowhere near a limit for the notes I am trying to sync from the phone. Something is definitely broken about syncing in the android client.
  12. strangest thing: since my re-install the android client seems to have stopped syncing properly, i.e. I have three notes in my note list on the android client which do not show up in the windows client (win client says it is synced 100%) and I can't see the thumbnails for those notes (full pics in the single note view are there, however). What is this?
  13. Thanks for the quick reply. The suggested workaround for seeing the whole picture again does not work. I am on an x10 mini pro, might that be a problem? Anyway, I am glad these things are being fixed and I am eager to check the next release!
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