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"Upload quota reached" on Android (won't sync), but still space on desktop client

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At 16KB left I'm fairly close to reaching my monthly upload quota limit, but it's enough space to modify a few lines of text.  Adding a bit of text from the desktop client isn't a problem, but I have a warning (with a red exclamation point on the note) on my Android application that I've exceeded my monthly upload quota.  Text changes made from the Android client don't sync.  Text changes made from the desktop client sync, but cause a "Note conflict" note to appear in the Android application.


First and foremost, I'd like to understand why the Android application believes I haven't *any* space left.  If anyone has suggestions for how to understand/address the present situation I'd greatly appreciate it.


Thanks very much!

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Hi.  The Upload Limit is exactly what it says on the can - it's not a target to aim for,  it's the level over which Bad Things Happen to your notes;  and 16KB is less than 1% of your 60MB limit if you're a free user.  When you get to 90% or so it's a good idea to create a Local Notebook on your desktop and direct any new clips there,  to be moved over to a synced notebook when the limit is refreshed at the start of your next cycle.  Androids download notes on demand from the server,  and don't have permanent storage on which to save notes,  so local notebooks don't apply.  Since they do connect with the server for everything,  their math is usually pretty good on the amount of quota used,  although the final referee is the server.  You can verify your usage by logging in to your My Account page online.  Your Desktop may have its maths wrong - it's only an estimate of what bandwidth your uploads 'should' have used,  plus any deleted notes still in your Trash notebook,  presumably in case they get reinstated.


At the moment you can't rely on any edits being recorded accurately - you could maybe set up a new free account to use with the phone - do that via your desktop,  then email any unsynced notes from your phone to the new account email address to keep them safe.  In the desktop account you can set up that local notebook,  or maybe upgrade to premium for a while until your notes are back in sync..

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