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login problem on Anroid Wear

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Hi all


I installed the evernote for android wear app in addition to the "regular" android app


on my watch when I try to use it I get a

"Not logged in, please login to evernote" message


I'm logged on the phone  (in the regular app, the other one is not visible) and don't see any other menu anywhere....


any idea ?



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I can't find actual documentation for the Wear app,  though many websites have reviewed it,  and there's a YouTube video - if you're having problems I'd suggest a Google search for Evernote for Android Wear,  and a read around some of the links.

If you do find some answers to issues you've had,  please post them back here for next time this comes up!

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Yeah - I know I saw something,  somewhere,  but I didn't Evernote it (apparently) - from (dim) memory it had to do with resetting the watch by holding down one or more buttons,  but I don't recall for how long.  The plan was to get the watch re-recognised by the phone - or vice-versa.  Really annoying that I didn't clip it...


Good luck with your search.  If I get lucky with the clip ll let you know.

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I had to

  1. install memory clean on my android
  2. uninstall evernote, evernote widget & evernote wear
  3. For each uninstall let memory clean delete remaining files (cache, mostly)
  4. sync android wear apps with the watch
  5. reboot both devices
  6. power moto 360 off
  7. install in this specific order evernote / evernote wear / evernote widget
  8. login to evernote on android
  9. power on the watch (only at this stage, not before)
  10. sync android wear apps with the watch

 and now it works

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