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Evernote in Yosemite not working - Help!



Since I installed Yosemite EN either crashes on launch, or if it launches it doesn't show my notes at all - just a blank window! It displays the EN promo content coming from EN but none of my notes, as if it can't connect to them. The shortcuts list displays but the list of recents does not.If I click further it crashes.I reinstalled and then downloaded the new beta - neither helped. Does anyone have any ideas? Are there preferences I should remove? My whole business is in there and I'm working off my iPhone! HELP!


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OK uninstall and reinstall Evernote,  and check that you have the beta that was issued today..http://bit.ly/1orvhLY

Thanks, but I discovered the problem . . . I was also having a similar problem with my time-tracking software - blank application window and crashing. I reinstalled Yosemite and while it was installing I had the Eureka moment. I has run FontDoctor and that when the problem began. It made some necessary fonts inaccessible. Once the OS was reinstalled it fixed that problem and now both apps work fine! Whew!

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