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Good day. With all the recent shenanigans in the Internet, I wanted to go to 2FA. I am a semi-power user and have a bunch of apps tied into EN. Just wondering if anyone has some lessons learned or gotchas you could share. I have 2 Mac OS X devices, 3 iOS devices one of which is an iPhone. I never use the web client.


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Thanks Jefito. It's always nice to see the forum's official "did you search person". Yes I did and aside from people complaining, or asking for some other feature there was nothing. I was looking more for general "lessons learned" from people like "if you enable 2fa, this app integration failed" etc.

Thanks for your response.

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I only ask because in my experience, a lot of people don't. It's better to ask than to assume you didn't. Hopefully someone with experience will chime in eventually.

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