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Fresh notes sync but not the old ones, pl. help

kumar Rajan

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How many notes do you have that remain unsynced?  Are they all from one notebook?  You've added 'local notebook' as a tag - you do realise that local notebooks are designed NOT to sync?  To make those notes available to other devices you'd need to create a new synced notebook and move the notes into it.  Make sure you don't exceed your upload allowance.


If the notes are in a synced notebook I'd suggest exporting them to an ENEX file,  then re-importing them back into your account.  They may be corrupted in some way and this will either fix the problem or generate some error warnings on the way that will help identify it.


In more detail that's

  • Backup your database
  • Export your notes to an ENEX file - one file for each notebook;  check export options to make sure tags are included.
  • Delete the exported notes from the database
  • Re-import the notes
  • Check your Trash notebook and empty it
  • Check for Conflicting Changes notebooks and correct any errors you find.
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Glad someone noticed my deliberate mistake there...  :wub:   - actually it shouldn't make any difference,  the UIDs of the new notes won't be the same as the old ones,  so a final sync should sort it all out;  but it never hurts to take things in easy stages so the servers can catch up....

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