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PDF search expressions not always highlighted?!

Matze B.

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Hi there!


Being an Evernote user for quite a few years now I switched to EN Premium - especially because of the search feature for PDF documents.


Unfortunately my main EN apps (Android and Web on my Chromebook) do not support inline rendering of PDF (which is still a shame BTW!) but even the windows client does not highlight the expression that i was searching for. It get the right notes to show up but without highlighting. No problems in JPGs though...


Does someone have any clue about that?


Thanks in advance & best wishes from germany,





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There are a couple of possible reasons.  I always OCR my own scans before uploading,  and haven't noticed that words aren't being highlighted.  In a long PDF file I often have to use the internal search function anyway,  because a highlighted word is probably not the only mention of that word in the entire document.  I'm happy with the way search hits are being flagged.  If however you use Evernote's OCR service,  then the OCR text isn't replacing the picture of the page you see in the PDF viewer,  it's added as a separate item,  so maybe words that are highlighted don't have highlights in exactly the right place,  because the location of the word in the picture is an estimate by Evernote,  not the actuality.  It's also possible that 'house' has been assigned as only one of several possible meanings for that word,  so it's not highlighted as a definite hit.


As long as you're OK with using the PDF search feature to find occurrences,  I wouldn't worry about it.  It may be worth a support ticket in hopes that things will improve in future,  but I doubt you'll receive a response.

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