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  1. Ah, good point! The context sensitive rightclick function has been disabled but converted to the "..." function.... Thanks!
  2. Hi there! Maybe I missed something but why there is no possibility to export notesbooks anymore? In earlies versions I could right-click the notebook and export all notes that are in that notebook. I'm confused....
  3. Hi there! After cutting off the Plus plan I fear that Evernote will cut it off for existing user as well someday. I will not upgrade to Premium so it's nice to have a Plan B for it. As I'm using Evernote mostly for long-termin filing it's most obvious that a cloud-based file system will do most of the job as well. I'm using OneDrive (being a MS365 customer as well) and l'm looking for a way of exporting my notes (mostly PDFs) into a file system structured like my notebooks. Can anybody help me? Thank you very much! 🙂
  4. Hi there! I had Evernote for Wear OS on my Wear OS watches a time ago. Now I bought a new one (Skagen Falster 3) and I can't find the Evernote for Wear OS app on the play store anymore? I was sure there was one to quickly make voice notes etc.... So what's the current situation? Thank you very much!
  5. Hmmm, I heard good things about Notion, too. After watching a few videos I'm pretty unsure why this should substitute Evernote, at least for me. I'm using EN for the classic things: storing PDF (contracts, bills, manuals etc.), clipping websites etc. - all things to be saved and easily findable when needed. Notion seems to have a complete different focus and I can't see many similarities!? Still I can't see any alternative to our (at least mine) beloved green elephant...
  6. It's on Android, too :-( So not an iOS issue... Storing files as an image isn't for me - you can't scale things and if I want to migrate to other platforms or simply export files PDF is way superior..
  7. Indeed this is a major disavantage on Evernote...still :-( When browsing through the notes in Evernote 8.0 a preview of the PDFs (thumbnail) is shown so it should be more than consequent to give us at least the choice (like in the desktp version) wether to show PDF inline or as an attachment. Opening it seperately is not streamlined, sorry... Any chance to get this happening?
  8. +1 from me for fingerprint unlocking instead of a PIN. With Android 6.0 the fingerprint API is available and a lot of apps do make use of it as an additional protection layer. Can't see why Evernote is still without it :-(
  9. +1 from me to silentquest! The first headline this year indeed was the price change. I have mixed feeling concerning this point (hey, price for me as a Plus user was increased by 50% !!!!!) but I clearly understand why free users have to be limited. In fact it was about time and honestly I still think they're getting to much. But that's just my 2 cent. But still there isn't a real competitor to me out there. OneNote is good for people that are WORKING with notes (I use it at my work) but I use EN more with a focus of a long term archive. OneNote's webclient fails is so many aspects and having to open up several notebooks instead of one account still bothers me. Ah, and the extremely good webclipper of EN is WAY better than it's competitor from Microsoft. With that being said I will remain paying for a good product that is unbeaten for me. Merry christmas!
  10. Hi there, I'm really digging the document scan function but honestly...only JPG as the output format is pretty useless. I'd definitively prefer PDF (with OCR!) and I hope that I'm not the only one... Thanks!
  11. I'm actually using CamScanner It has OCR but I still do not understand in which cases EN will search within PDFs - today I tested a newly uploaded PDF produced by the android version of CamScanner. Unfortunately EN refuses to find any attempted word in it...
  12. Hi there! I'm currently a plus member at EN and make quite excessive use of the - to my mind - very good Evernote document scanner function on my Android device to capture bills, contracts etc. Unfortunately it does not offer to capture in PDF which has some advantages (for example when forwarding notes or exporting them). On the other side to my VERY sorrow the plus subscription does not offer PDFs to be searchable. I'm still struggling with deciding what format will be better and future-proof. OneNote handles PDF much, much better and is for free... Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  13. I've been using Evernote for 7 years now, in the last year I switched to the Plus subscription. Been very happy and yes, the increase of price annoys me. But at the end it's just 10€ more. 10€ a year, that's almost nothing. Besides that: I really tried to switch to OneNote, several times by now. But honestly, OneNote isn't a competitor because it has a completely other focus and workflow. I use EN mailny for long time filing - invoices, contracts, correspondence, funny picture that I use in social networks etc. OneNote isn't for that, period. And: the web clipping function of OneNote still sucks severely. Is it NOWHERE near the web clipper from Evernote. So, bottom line: YES, I STICK. And I still love Evernote hoping that they succeed with this price model. I second the idea of a Basic Plus tier, not mandatory to me but to people that are complaing about the 2 device limit...
  14. Well, to be quite honest I use Todoist as a real task management system - partly in conjunction with Gmail (there is a Chrome extension for that). Evernote is my external brain where I store all notes but no tasks...I still wonder why people are using EN for tasks. Of course you can - somehow - but a real task management system will be WAY better. Todoist is just the best out there and I'm more than glad to be a premium user for them.
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