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REQUEST: Forums threads as Evernote notes :)

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hi! I'm new to this particular forum and if I understand it correctly, this forum is designed to field suggestions around the Evernote discussion forum itself?


I find myself fumbling between email, the support page, my own personal notes of defect and enhancements, and the forums.


I really would like to see it all come together.


I absolutely *love* staying out of my email system - it is so much easier to engage in group conversation here and to work in Evernote as needed.


While I'll leave it up to you guys as to *how* its implemented, I would love it if discussion threads I follow automagically appeared in a notebook in Evernote.


With the announcement of Work Chat - the vision Evernote be our workplace technically should be closer!


that said, I am *incredibly* appreciative of these forums - this is by far, one of the most productive forums on the net that I really enjoy being here!


so I trust the shift will happen when it happens :)


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This is a very interesting idea! We moved this topic to General Discussion, where we also field suggestions for the forum itself. While I'm not sure there'd be a lot of interest in having content automatically appear from the forums into Evernote, we've often thought there should be an embedded clipper presented somewhere on the site so you can quickly get content into your account. Though our clippers have improved such that even having an embedded clipper may be unnecessary at this point.


Another option may be to get an RSS feed going of the forum (we have a few available, could probably set up a few more) that would then work with a service like IFTTT to drop forum content via RSS into your account. I haven't done the legwork to see if this is a viable route, but it's a thought.

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