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(Archived) Prompt on attachment deletion?



Wondering if there is a way to be prompted when deleting an attached file from a note. I attach word files to notes and then edit the files from Evernote, not the original file on the computer. This way the file that I can get from any computer is the one being edited and updated. Otherwise, I would have to redrag and drop the word file from my computer every time I changed anything.

The problem is, all you have to do to delete an attachment is press backspace. I've actually accidentally bumped the delete key and poof, there goes my attachment. There is no edit/undo. Is there a way to either undo an accidental deletion or be prompted as to whether I am sure I want to delete?

If not, I would highly suggest it for future versions of Evernote. Either that or somehow make the attached file sync with the same file on the computer, so that when one is updated the other is as well.


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Not me. But then again, I find that I don't often edit notes. Well, a handful (like maybe 10) I go back to. But for the most part (and almost certainly when I'm attaching files), I'm just using EN as a place to store info on a thing, and that thing. For instance, when I create a new script, I'll write notes on it in EN, tack the script on, and then I only need to go back to that note when I want to retrieve that script.

Minimal editing leads to few deletion problems. In fact, until you posted about your problem, I didn't even realize that a simple keystroke would delete an attachment!

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I would also like to see something added to the UI to make it more difficult to accidentally delete an attached file.

Other than that, I think the ability to edit attached files and have the edits saved seamlessly back to the database is a pretty cool feature, and seems to be working well for me as I start experimenting with it.

Also just wanted to note (in case anyone reading does not already know) that the "Attachments" subfolder of your database folder has a copy of your attached file whenever you edit a file. I think this was mentioned in another thread somewhere..

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