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(Archived) Getting PDFs OUT of Evernote

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I'm using the Mac Evernote client. I love the fact that you can drag a PDF into Evernote. However, how the heck do you get the PDF back out of Evernote as an intact file? It would seem that Evernote stores the content of the PDF. However, unlike, say a Word document that is actually stored as a document that can be retrieved by dragging it to the desktop, the PDF seems to be irretrievably locked within Evernote. Am I missing something?



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If you drag a PDF into a note with the right mouse button instead of the left, you have a menu option to attach - this will create an icon for the PDF in the note (like attaching a file to an email) instead of embedding the content. You can then double-click to open in your usual PDF reader software.

EDIT: Just noticed you're talking about the Mac client, so not sure how this works in that context (is there even a right mouse button on a Mac!?)

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