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  1. There is a right mouse button on all modern Macs, yes, but the right click drag doesn't work in the same way. There does need to be some way to get this functionality on the Mac.
  2. MacBerry

    (Archived) Rules

    Thanks SaraS. I have to say though that that's one heck of a convoluted UI! I love EN on the iPhone, but it really does need a serious UI overhall I think. Engberg, thanks for the link. Mark
  3. If you have the desktop client, I've found it's possible to open the image from EN in whatever application you like (right click and choose "open with"), then rotate it and save. Re-sync and it'll be there as you want it to be. No need to re-add it to EN. Mark
  4. MacBerry

    (Archived) Rules

    Yes that could work - great idea, but you realise what it means don't you - the iPhone client now NEEDS to sync the saved searches too! If I scrap the idea of using notebooks to organise everything (because I can't do it automatically and am using saved searches instead), I currently lose all of my organisation on the iPhone. Saved searches would bring it back. Specifically, is there a list of available search modifiers somewhere? The fact that you suggest saving intitle:"to-do", rather than just a general text search tells me there probably is, but I can't find it (not helped by the fact your support search isn't working in Firefox on my Mac). Cheers, Mark
  5. MacBerry

    (Archived) Rules

    I'd love to see rules implemented in Evernote, to automatically file notes into the correct notebook. So for example I'd like web clippings to automatically go into a notebook called "Web Sites", based on "kind" (mac terminology), or have specific notes go into "To Do's" based on finding the words "to-do" in the title. If this could be done at server level it'd mean the rules would be applied no matter where the note comes from. To be usefull if implemented at the client side it'd have to be available in ALL clients (including the iPhone), and even then the user would have to set up the same rules several times. I also think it's crazy that, in the Mac client anyway, I can't set the notebook I want in the clipping window. I know I can select a notebook BEFORE hitting "new Note" if I'm in the client, but that doesn't work for clippings, which still go to the default notebook even if another is selected, and anyway, how would I pre-select a notebook if I'm not IN the client?! Mark
  6. MacBerry

    mac HOWTO: Send mail from Apple Mail to Evernote

    Very handy script, thanks! One other method is to drag the mail to the desktop, THEN drag it into EverNote, which attaches it as a file so long as you have a premium account. However, as far as I can tell it's NOT searchable Mark