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Can't open old notes

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Thats not good! Can you tell us a bit more, such as what device you are using, what operating system (Windows? Mac OS? Android? etc), what version of Evernote? What happens when you attempt to open an old note? What constitutes an "old note"? What happens when you try and open a new note?

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Its a Nexus 7 tablet running Android Version 4.4.2

I don't know what the old version of Evernote was. The tablet was bought in 2012 so maybe the version of that time.

My wife used the tablet as a travel diary on our recent trip and I was trying to get the information off the tablet so I could print it. 

I tried clicking on the "send as email" (or similar) option (on the menu top right conner) but nothing happened.

I then got onto Evernote "help" on another laptop. It said to click on the "share" icon (top right corner near menu icon) when the note is open BUT this icon is not highlighted (although present) and I couldn't use it on our version/tablet.

So I thought maybe if I updated Evernote, I might be able to click on this "share" icon in the newer version.

In the new version (installed yesterday Oct 14th) the old notebooks appear on a list, as do the old notes when I click on a notebook.

BUT, when I click on a note I get a reply "Could not load this note. Retry"

Is there any way I can get to see the notes again or, better still, to export them in a version that can be printed out or made into a pdf?

Please help. My wife spent hours documenting our travels.

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It might be best to either perform this task from the web interface at www.evernkte.com, or the desktop version of the application.

You can always try logging out of Evernote on your tablet, and logging back in to force it to pull the note info back down off the servers.

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Problem solved - sort of.


I worried that if I uninstalled and then re-installed Evernote on to the Nexus 7, I might lose the notes.

So, I connected the Nexus 7 to a PC laptop. Fortunately I was able to find the stored notes and and was able to copy the notes across by copying and pasting into Microsoft Word. (I'd previously connected it to a MacBook which didn't work).


I then uninstalled Evernote and then re-installed it AND LOST ALL THE NOTES my wife had spent hours writing. I'm relieved that I'd been able to copy/paste the notes across to Word.


So I'm ok but now VERY sceptical about Evernote.

It's pretty poor that one can't update the app without losing recent notes. Very poor indeed.

Thanks to those who replied. 

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