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Newly installed fonts don't appear in Evernote, partially


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I've installed several new fonts on my PC(Windows 8.1) recently. The problem is that I can choose only some of them as my default font in Evernote. Here's the tick though, when I do Ctrl+D and open the Fonts Preferences they are all there, and I can choose any of my new fonts and they work, but when I try to choose my default font in the Settings then not all of my fonts are there.


I love Merriweather font, but I can't choose it as the default font because it doesn't appear in the settings. So right now I am using Robot Condensed and then when I finish writing I choose my new fancy font which I love (Merriweather) through Ctrl+D, which is kind of annoying, I know, first world problems.


Did anyone had similar issues? Is there a solution? Please help, and thanks in advance (:

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Hi.  Don't know of any solutions here - I'm also running an 8.1 computer which seems to have a gazillion fonts installed already,  and AFAIK Evernote supports them all.  You could try raising a support ticket,  but if you're a free user it might take a long time to get a response - meantime I can only suggest the fall-back fix of all IT professionals - have you switched your computer off and back on again since this happened?  If you had Evernote running while you installed the fonts,  it may not have realised there's anything new to see...

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I've just reinstalled Evernote, I still can't choose Merriweather as my default font :( It's so dumb, I have to write everything in one font and then choose all the text with Ctrl+D to change it Merriweather, how comes it appears at the Format -> Font... and not in the Settings... I'll try reinstalling Merriweather now, hope it works...

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