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  1. I've just reinstalled Evernote, I still can't choose Merriweather as my default font It's so dumb, I have to write everything in one font and then choose all the text with Ctrl+D to change it Merriweather, how comes it appears at the Format -> Font... and not in the Settings... I'll try reinstalling Merriweather now, hope it works...
  2. Yeah I've tried restarting my computer. I also logged off from evernote and logen in again, didn't work. I should try re-installing it I think
  3. I've installed several new fonts on my PC(Windows 8.1) recently. The problem is that I can choose only some of them as my default font in Evernote. Here's the tick though, when I do Ctrl+D and open the Fonts Preferences they are all there, and I can choose any of my new fonts and they work, but when I try to choose my default font in the Settings then not all of my fonts are there. I love Merriweather font, but I can't choose it as the default font because it doesn't appear in the settings. So right now I am using Robot Condensed and then when I finish writing I choose my new fancy font which I love (Merriweather) through Ctrl+D, which is kind of annoying, I know, first world problems. Did anyone had similar issues? Is there a solution? Please help, and thanks in advance (:
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