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(Archived) Unique record identifiers

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Every note has an identifier within the client, but this is an internal identifier that's used within our synchronization scheme and API ... it's not visible (or relevant) to end users.

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Thanks. "Not relevant to end users" - as envisaged by EN. But EN is astoundingly powerful with a couple of non-programming workarounds, far beyond the stuff I've read here so far. I'm a novice fooling around with database use, it would be more precise to be able to unambiguously identify a record (for correction/deletion purposes, e.g.), particularly where the lack of user-defined field functionality prevents one from inserting counters etc.

(I guess I'd be underestimating you folks if I dared point out that EN could fairly easily take out everyday uses of FileMakerPro, Bento, MS-1N7, Mac Journler, MSXL, MSOL/MacMail Notes, MSOL tasks and handwritten/margin-indexed notebooks. I think I've done it for my purposes with a couple of pseudo-user-defined-fields, pseudo-templates, export/import to MSXL, text-to-num conversion & a pivot table. If these functions + enterprise/authorized-user options were intrinsic while retaining xPlatform/mobile/web access + fast/simple entry/search + intuitive learning curve, EN would be the app of the century).


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In the future, we plan to support direct URLs that will open a particular note. This will be relevant to end users.

Our internal identifier codes for a note aren't relevant to an end user, since an end user can't do anything with them.

If you're a developer, you could use them as part of our API, however:


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