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Feature Request: Text/Background Inversion in Evernote Presentation 2.0

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When writing notes it is usually done in the day in an office with nice outdoor lighting and all, so black text with a white background makes sense. But often presentations are done in timely lit theaters or a night or in other situations where changing the theme of the presentation from light to dark makes a lot of sense.


So I would like to request the ability to hit one button in presentation mode that would invert the colors of the text and background to the opposite, so that a presentation can be made in dark spaces as well as light. In the most common case black text on a white background would become white text on a black background. If there is any text that is colored otherwise of that the user would not want inverted then the user could specify which text that would be. Images would nit be inverted, of course, as they are designed to stay the same regardless of the environment around them.


And in the future in general, adopting the day / night theme concept will only make the platform better and improve usability for your customer base.


Thank you,


Richard Nash

Los Angeles, CA

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There already is a night theme in presentation mode. You can activate it by pressing ⌃N (on Mac, not sure what the shortcut is on Windows) or hover to the top right of the screen and click the sun icon.


Edit: Oh, I failed to realise you were talking about the upcoming update to presentation mode of which very few details have been given. But since what you suggest is already implemented in the current iteration, it seems likely it will in the next version too (but who knows, Evernote operates in mysterious ways).

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